International Yoga Day | Why we should include Yoga in daily life | Benefits of incorporating Yoga into your daily routine

The right mean of Yoga.

How to do Yoga at home

      Yoga means unity or bind. The word is derived from the Sanskrit word yuj, which means to add. At the spiritual level this joining means the unification of individual consciousness with universal consciousness. On a practical level, yoga is a means of balancing and harmonizing the body, mind and emotions.

Types of Yoga: -
There are eight types of yoga,
(1) Yama (2) Niyam (3) Asana (4) Pranayama (5) Pratyahara (6) Dharna (7) Meditation (8) Samadhi. The above eight organs also have their own sub-organs. Currently, only three parts of yoga are in vogue - aasan, pranayama and meditation.

Why include Yoga in your daily routine

     Today is International Yoga Day, but due to Corona, people are celebrating it in their homes without any crowd or any gathering. People are clicking photos in their homes and putting them on social media in yoga posture, as well as explaining the benefits of doing yoga, in today's time Corona has brought a big change in both the way people live and the way they live. Have given People have been confined to homes, so the mindset of people is also changing,People are facing different types of diseases due to their increasing stress, in such a situation, the role of yoga increases even more, because yoga is a mode that keeps you physically healthy as well as mentally. It also matures, so Yoga should be included in our daily routine.

Benefits of doing yoga: -

       By the way, we all know that Yoga has many benefits, Yoga has been given a special importance in our culture since ancient times, Yoga can keep itself completely healthy, as well as its help. You can survive for a long time, but for this we have to understand yoga and include it in our daily schedule, and continue to do it regularly, only then its real meaning can be realized.

Why Yoga is important in today's time: -

       The role of yoga is significant due to covid-19, as no corona drugs are still available, and human breathing processes are disrupted in the corona, so the only remedy is meditation, which allows us to change our immune system You can keep strong, so you should do yoga daily.

Right time to do yoga: -

    In our Ayurveda Shastra, the right time to do yoga is told to get up early in the morning, there is another benefit of getting up early in the morning, in the morning our pollution work is done, and another is our mind fresh, in this way Yoga The benefits are more.

Which are the three yogas that we should do daily: -

1. Anulom Vilom :-     
How to do Yoga at home

Way of doing: - 

Sit in meditation posture.
Breathing in slowly from the left nostril.
After stopping the breath as much (Kumbhak), release the right nasal breath.
Breathe out of the right nostril again.
After stopping the breath as much as possible (Kumbhak), slowly exhale from the voice.
Breathe again with the same tone with which you release your breath and hold it in power as soon as possible…

Perform action carefully, make haste. When tired, you can rest for a while.

The entire vein of the body is pure.
The body becomes stunning and agile.
Hunger increases.
The blood is purified.

Caution: -
While keeping the fingers on the nose, do not press it so that the position of the nose becomes curved.
Breathing speed should be smooth.
Do not do Kumbhak for a long time.

2. Kapalbhati Pranayam :-

Way of doing: -
Kapalbhati Pranayam literally means action that enhances the aura of the brain.
The condition of this pranayama is similar to that of the bhastrika, but in this pranayama, laxative means that the force of the breath is added to leave it out.
The emphasis in breathing is focused on giving up.
In Kapalbhati Pranayama, the emphasis is on the action of pinching and flaring of the stomach.

Do this pranayama as much as you can.

Diseases of the heart, lungs and brain go away.
Kapha, asthma and breathing diseases are beneficial.
Obesity, diabetes, constipation and acid bile diseases are overcome.
The ooze of the brain and mouth increases further.

3.Bhramri Panayam :-

Way of doing: -Sit in the posture and straighten the spine and keep the hands on the knees. Insert the index finger into the ear.
Breathing slowly from both nostrils, after pronouncing the word Om, make a soft voice like a larynx.
Exhale through the nose slowly.
After exhaling completely, the sweet voice of the bhramara will stop automatically.
Do this pranayama three to five times.


There is melody in the tone.
Provides benefits for heart disease.
The versatility of the mind goes away and the mind concentrates.
Eradicates stomach disorders.
Controls high blood pressure.

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